Gib dem Irrsinn eine Chance!
Am 19. Juni 2005 im Topic 'otherside'
her name

for years she didn’t have a name
she needs me to give it back to her
neither does she have a face
but I feel as though I know her well
she’s younger than me, but buried so deep
what is she doin’ in my dream?
she waits for me to solve her mystery
but how could I guess her name?

the distance between us fills the air
and I don’t remember
she sheds a tear - it fills the air
but I don’t remember
I hear her voice - it fills the air
but I can’t remember her name
I don’t remember her name

breath of a dirty kid, bones of glass
she’s keeping mum - her belly full of hate
consciously hiding from her past
I can’t leave her to her fate
I’m the one to help
she’s bleeding - giving me the feeling

hat it’s my duty to dry her blood away
how can I guess her name?


a heart covered by footprints and scars
it’s insane
I can’t believe what she’s showin’ me
who’s the one to blame?
oh those memories
repression is a way to survive
suddenly I remember her name
but I shudder to return it
I don’t wanna share it....

I don’t wanna share
it’s mine
no, I don’t wanna share it
It’s mine
I don’t wanna share
it’s mine
no, I don’t wanna share it

now I remember her name
now I remember
and I forget again